MAPOM plans California Indian classes jointly with College Of Marin

MAPOM has offered California Indian Skills classes at Kule Loklo in Point Reyes National Seashore for many years.  More recently, MAPOM has also held classes at Olompali State Park (Novato, CA) and jointly with the Point Reyes National Seashore Association (PRNSA). Currently MAPOM is working out details of a new series of MAPOM classes that will be offered jointly with the College of Marin, including a certificate for completion. The following classes are currently planned:

  • Overview of California Indian culture and history
  • California Indian Baskets
  • Weaving a Pomo Style Coiled Willow and Sedge Basket
  • Introductory Flintnapping
  • Indigenous Cultural Practices
  • Introduction to Paleo Technology
  • Petroglyphs and Introduction to Miwok Cultural History
  • Present State of Tribal Affairs and the Certificate of Completion Ceremony

Registration for Summer classes will be after May 14 and for Fall classes after August 6. Please do not contact College of Marin yet.  When more information is available, it will be posted on MAPOM’s Skills Classes page


4 thoughts on “MAPOM plans California Indian classes jointly with College Of Marin

  1. Love to talk with someone to see what you’re hoping the community will get out of these courses, etc., for a feature on LCM Patch. Feel free to get in touch with me when you can. Thanks.

  2. Hiya Derek, I haven’t checked out our MAPOM website/blog for quite awhile but saw your post today. As organizer of the classes I’d be happy to talk with you regarding the program and the potential benefit to the wider community. My email address is above.
    Looking forward, John

  3. Dear Mr. Bainbridge, I am making a little brochure for a local Miwok Native American Family Services group with few resources and few members willing to be photographed. May I have permission to use your photos of the dancing Miwok man and the cedar bark dwellings on your blog page in their brochure? I/they would really appreciate it! Since this is for print, do you have the original photos (aka: something higher res than the web images) that I could use? If those images are unavailable do you have other local images I might use instead? Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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